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The industry standard oracle network for DeFi

Powering the decentralized finance ecosystem through Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Networks.

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Why Chainlink for DeFi?

Most decentralized and secure

Chainlink oracle networks are secured by node operators running security-audited software that has been rigorously validated to operate at scale without downtime or corruption.

Highest quality data, resistant to manipulation

Data is sourced from multiple premium, authenticated APIs that are aggregated into a final validated answer, removing any single point of failure.

Most widely adopted oracle network in DeFi

The Chainlink Network helps secure tens of billions of dollars within the DeFi ecosystem by connecting hybrid smart contracts with high-quality data and off-chain computation. 

Rapid integration and deployment

Developers can rapidly build, test, and deploy advanced DeFi applications that leverage multiple external resources using pre-built and reliable decentralized services.

A diverse range of decentralized services

Chainlink powers numerous decentralized services, including Data Feeds, Proof of Reserve, Keepers, Verifiable Randomness Function, and Cross-Chain Interoperability.

Blockchain-agnostic oracle networks

Developers building DeFi applications have access to external data and computation across all leading smart contract-enabled blockchain networks to support multi-chain development.

Build DeFi applications across a multitude of use cases

Use Price Data Feeds to determine the value of user debt and collateral to prevent toxic loans from being opened, Keepers to automate liquidations and prevent undercollateralization, and Proof of Reserve to audit tokens backed by off-chain assets to protect users from fractional reserve activities.
Use Price Data Feeds to concentrate liquidity to the market price and help solve the issue of capital efficiency, Keepers to automate the execution of limit orders to create a more powerful trading experience, and CCIP to move tokens across chains in a frictionless and secure manner.
Represent real-world assets as on-chain tokens using Price Data Feeds to help secure the minting and redemption processes, enabling redemptions to occur as expected. Fetch data from any API to mirror exposure to any arbitrary data value and significantly increase the class of assets tokenized on-chain. 
Grant users rewards for participating in a DeFi application’s ecosystem using Price Data Feeds to tie reward amounts to the value of deposits, creating predictability for users. Use Verifiable Randomness Function to introduce additional gamification, keeping users engaged in using the protocol. 

Leading projects across DeFi choose Chainlink

Synthetic Assets

"Given our reliance on regular price feeds for our derivatives trading mechanism, finding a robust decentralized oracle solution has always been at the top of our priority list. Chainlink delivers the solution, deployed by an excellent team and supported by an invaluable community."

Money Markets

“The security provided by the Chainlink Network's oracle infrastructure has served the Aave protocol well, and now users of the Aave protocol can leverage Chainlink's off-chain service to participate in the Aave ecosystem as liquidators to secure the Aave protocol and its liquidity pools."


“Integrating Chainlink price reference contracts as the basis for rebalancing our capital pool brings tremendous security to our members, who know that our most important assets are deeply insulated against any known or unexpected attack vectors.”


“Our product is built on the foundation of blockchain technology and utilizes Arbol’s smart contracts along with decentralized weather data provided by Chainlink to offer users a product unlike any other on the market.”

Decentralized Exchange

“At DODO, we believe in leveraging industry expertise and forging strong, meaningful relationships. Chainlink is the undisputed leader in the oracle space — it has a proven track record of solving the oracle problem and providing high-quality data to live DeFi applications.”


“Using Chainlink oracles to secure collateral, redemptions, and liquidations was a clear step in further securing the Liquity protocol and improving its capital efficiency. This allows us to focus on building production systems at a much faster pace.”

The most trusted oracle network in DeFi securing billions of value

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