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Blockchain interoperability for your existing systems

Chainlink is the most widely adopted middleware for securely and easily connecting existing enterprise systems to any blockchain network.

Easily integrate with hundreds of blockchains

Chainlink empowers enterprises to participate in on-chain markets by providing a secure middleware that seamlessly connects existing backend infrastructure to smart contracts on any blockchain.

Seamless integration gateway

Chainlink serves as a future-proof middleware that enables enterprise systems to interact with smart contracts on any public or private blockchain network that exists today or in the future.

Secure data management

Chainlink ensures the secure delivery of enterprise data through trusted execution environments, while also abstracting away the technical complexities of sending on-chain transactions.

Confidential transactions

Chainlink’s novel privacy-preserving protocol allows enterprises to provide data to various blockchains and interact with smart contracts while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive datasets.

The global standard for enterprise blockchain interoperability

World Economic Forum and Chainlink Collaborate to Create a Blockchain Middleware Standard

The World Economic Forum and Chainlink co-authored a paper proposing the key problems to be solved by a global standard for blockchain middleware, seamlessly and securely connecting blockchains with existing systems.

Industry Insights: a New Dawn – The Future of the Post-Trade Industry Using Smart Contracts

SWIFT Capital Markets Strategy Director Matthieu de Heering and Chainlink Co-founder Sergey Nazarov explore how enterprises can utilize their existing systems to efficiently interface with multiple blockchains.

Enterprise blockchain use cases powered by Chainlink

Chainlink is trusted by global enterprises to power hybrid smart contracts that integrate on-chain code with off-chain data and systems for use cases across major industries.

The Chainlink Labs Enterprise R&D Program facilitates innovative projects that use Chainlink technology. Through a process of co-creation, Chainlink Labs works with leading enterprises to design and implement production-grade protocols that leverage Chainlink oracles.

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